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Ark Server Infos & Rules

  • Crosshair enabled
  • 3rd Person enabled
  • Gamma Settings enabled
  • Show own Position on Map enabled
  • Flyers in Caves enabled
  • XP mult: 10 / over time: 6 / build: 6 / harvest: 6 / kill: 6 / special Events: 6
  • Damage mult: 2
  • Taming mult: 10
  • Breeding Speed mult: 4
  • Maturation mult: 20
  • Harvest mult: 10
  • Platform Saddle Structures mult: 10
  • Lootbox Quality Factor: 3
  • Fishing Quality Factor: 3
FEATURES We have a lot of Mods installed on our Servers (see Modlist), enjoy using them, and their Features!
Here are some examples:
Marketplace on every Server (best reachable with Stargates)
Buy or sell Ressources and Stuff with and for glory Coins
Exchange on every Server (also best reachable with Stargates)
In the Exchange you can buy or sell fertilized Eggs or "ready to use" Creatures on a inter-Server Exchange (global Market, for all Servers which using this Mod)
Build your own Stargates and use the Public-Gates
Ressource Stacks are big, with Pro Resource Stacks Mod
Human NPC´s - hunt them, tame them or let them be your neighbours
Build Castles, Keeps or modern Houses, CKF Remastered and Science Fiction is installed!
The classic S+ is also there
Decore your Houses and Gardens with Ecos Garden Decor or Ecos Trees
Find your desired Creature to tame with Creature Finder Deluxe
Paint your Dinos with Dino Colourizer!
Travel between our Servers (Char/Dino/Item Transfer enabled without Limits)
  • Allowed/Wished:
    Tribe Wars Allowed
    Be Friendly to others in Chat and Voice
    Be Creative
    Boss Fights
    Build - build - BUILD!
    Its a Game, some things Happen
    Enjoy The Game!
    If you find a Problem - dont be shy to contact us, ingame or Steam (See Links below)
  • Not allowed/prohibided:
    Block large Ressource Zones
    Block Explorer-Notes
    Block Artifact Caves
    Ask Admins to spawn things for you
    You must always use a legitimate character, tribe or dino name.
    It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the regular alphabet.
    You also may not call your character "Human", "Survivor", "Player", "123", "321", "OneTwoThree", "□□□" or anything similar - otherwise your Char may be deleted.
    The use of Hacks or Bugusing is prohibited and will result in a ban if discovered.
LINKS Server List: http://26th.eu/ark_server.php
Mod List: http://26th.eu/ark_server_modliste.php
Support Thread https://steamcommunity.com/groups/26thBrigade/discussions/0/4098792306729539647/
Server Whishlist/Suggestions https://steamcommunity.com/groups/26thBrigade/discussions/1/4098792306729551685/


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